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Who We Are

Neowauk is a company that was formed after seeing the tremendous opportunity in the eCommerce business. We the founders, who are eCommerce software engineers, saw the potential in the growing eCommerce business and came up with a highly intelligent and customer engaging products Neowauk Events and Neowauk Ads.

With Neowauk Events and Ads , we are opening up a new concept of customer engaging, while customers browse and shop. We strongly believe that, a Shop, which identifies, engages and rewards a customer, has a long way to go and hence the products Neowauk Events and Neowauk Ads

  • 24/7 Support
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited options and variations
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Why Choose Us

Neowauk has a large number of engineers that are higly qualified in the eCommerce and Advertising technologies.If you are trying to resolve a problem in marketing, we have the solution.
Campign Ideas,Targetting,Content designs,Right Time and Real TIme Marketing, You name it. We have experts waiting for you.
Neowauk Team work 24X7 to provide any assistance, you might require.We work continously work to add new features to Neowauk Events and Neowauk Ads and all the updates will be applied with out any additional cost.
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Technology Specialists
Advertising Advisors
24X7 Support
Dedicated Account Managers
Free Training Programs