Go Interactive!

Neowauk Events & Neowauk Ads

Make your Ads and Promos stand out. Easily setup Interactive Ads and Events to engage your customers. Choose from a list of configuration options to control the way your customers see and interact with the Ads and Events.

Interactive Ads

Get better ROI by setting up Interactive Ads. Choose from a wide variety of Interactive Ad types

Global Reach of Ads

Get your ads to display across the globe through Neowauk's Ad Exchange partners. Gain access to a very large Ad inventory

Robust Ad Design tool

Set up your intelligent and interactive Ads and Events using Neowauk's intuitive and easy-to-use Ad/Event Manager portal


Events Store is populated with seasonal events, which are ready-to-install on your website with the click of a button. The Events Store is absolutely free for Neowauk members.

Events Store

Coming Soon!

Why Choose Us

Neowauk brings the interactive ad concept to e-commerce and other businesses. With Neowauk Ads and Events, see better traction in attracting new or existing customers to your website, reducing abandoned carts, increasing conversion rates, getting repeat business, cross-selling and hosting unique promotions.


Neowauk offers a wide variety of Interactive Ads and Events that can be presented on various advertising platforms or on your own website.

  • Click and Win Events and Ads
  • Discount Timer Events and Ads
  • Facebook Like Events and Ads
  • Email subscribe Events and Ads
  • Trivia Events and Ads
  • Image Recognition Events and Ads

All types of interactive elements can be configured using Neowauk's Ad/Event Manager portal.

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